Management Development Program

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The Management Development Program, also know as MDP, is not just a program but an experience. Through live instruction as well as online components, MDP is designed to help practice, office and optical managers gain the confidence and business expertise they need to positively impact their eye care practice. This comprehensive 6-month experience combines live instruction with distance learning, personalized coaching and project-based learning initiatives to teach people skills and business strategies that managers can use to immediately improve practice performance.

$1,999.00 per person
Class Dates

Upcoming class dates

*** Please note that the person attending the class will need to be logged into their accounts for proper enrollment.*** The three live sessions are held in Dallas, Texas, except where noted, and begin each day promptly at 8:30 AM. The second day of the live sessions concludes at 4 PM to allow adequate time for return flights.  Once the attendee is enrolled in the class of their choice, a welcome letter will be emailed to them outlining class logistics and hotel/travel recommendations. 

Class Session 1 Session 2 Capstone Note
55 Aug 3 - Aug 4, 2021 Oct 27 - Oct 28, 2021 Jan 19 - Jan 20, 2021 **Reserved for Vision Source. Session 1 at Exchange
Only 4 seats left. Enroll today.
56 Oct 6 - Oct 7, 2021 Dec 15 - Dec 16, 2021 Mar 9 - Mar 10, 2022 **Capstone held at SECO 2022 (New Orleans)
57 Closed. This class is full. However feel free to contact us if no other open class works with your schedule.


Program Overview

Learn business and people skills from the experts

During the 6-month program, participants attend 3 separate, live 2-day classroom sessions where they will learn from facilitators, coaches and guest speakers who are all experts in their fields. Plus participants will gain knowledge and experience by interacting with other eye care practice professionals!

  • Leadership skills for recruiting, hiring and performance
  • Retail strategies for merchandising, pricing and growth
  • Tracking and reporting practice performance, sales trends and revenue
  • Principles of financial management, payables and working with vendors
  • Optimizing the customer experience, identifying patient needs and managing patient issues
3 Months
6 Months
Live Instruction (2 Days)
Weekly Assignment, Activities, Reading and Coaching Sessions
(3 hours/week)
Live Instruction (2 Days)
Weekly Assignment, Activities, Reading and Coaching Sessions
(3 hours/week)
Live Instruction (2 Days)

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