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1. How can ECPU benefit my staff?


ECPU is an organization that provides education solutions for the growth and development of eye care practices. Practice and Staff Fundamentals (PSF) currently includes online training for staff of all experience levels and roles – from the reception desk to the optical manager. Free lens training is also offered. To view a full list of courses please go to http://ecpu.com/course-list/.

Management Development Program (MDP) combines live and distance training to help eye care professionals (ECPs) gain the confidence and business expertise needed to positively impact the eye care practice. The Management and Business Academy (MBA) is designed to help practice owners reach their highest level of practice success through live events, online tools, benchmarking metrics and proven strategies.

2. How do I purchase a Practice & Staff Fundamentals subscription?


To enroll your practice, go to http://ecpu.com/enrollment-options/ and choose an enrollment option best suited for the practice.

Fill out the registration form and click the "Subscribe" button and follow the prompts through to the end of the process.

3. What subscription options may I choose from?


We offer a variety of subscription options that are designed for the needs of your practice.

To view our list of options, you may access the information by going to http://ecpu.com/enrollment-options/

4. What do I get with the subscription?


The subscription is either 1 or 2 years in length and will be up for renewal on the anniversary date of purchase. Each enrolled student will have access 24/7 to all of the online content at ECPU.

5. How much does Practice and Staff Fundamentals cost?


We offer one (1) or two (2) year subscriptions to ECPU.

 ECPU (Per Location)
New Subscriber - 1 yr $499
New Subscriber - 2 yr $849

6. How do I renew the subscription?


If the subscription has expired, the Practice Manager will receive a notification upon logging in that the subscription has expired.

There will be a redirect to the subscription page where the Practice Manager may renew the subscription.

7. I registered my practice initially and now I am ready to subscribe. How do I do that?


The Practice Manager will need to login to ECPU. Go to http://ecpu.com/enrollment-options/ and choose the option best suited for the practice and follow the prompts through the process.


8. What modules offer CE credit?


ECPU offers up to 19 hours of CE credit; 18 hours ABO or AOA and 1 hour of NCLE credit through the online CE Assessments.


9. How much does the Management Development Program cost?


The Management Development Program tuition fee is $1,999 per person for the six month program.


10. What does the $1,999 tuition fee cover?


The Management Development Program is six months long and is comprised of three live instruction sessions (two days each) typically held at the Essilor US headquarters in Dallas, Texas. In between the live instruction sessions, the attendee will have weekly assignments, activities, webinars, readings, and coaching sessions which average three hours per week of the student's time.

Please see the Management Development Program page on the website to view a list of the different subject areas covered.

11. Are travel expenses covered by the $1,999?


The class participant is responsible for hotel, airfare, and transportation to and from the airports. For class attendees, we have a discounted Essilor rate at the local Hyatt House for $95 + applicable taxes per night.

The rate includes a hot breakfast, wireless internet, and shuttles to and from the on-site class. Lunch is provided both days and dinner on the first day of each session. Classes end at 4 PM the second day in order to give people time to catch their flights home.

12. Tell me about ABO Exam Prep


ECPU is proud to offer the first fully digital, interactive ABO Exam Prep Course, designed to to help

current and aspiring optical staff to prepare for the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) Basic Certification Exam.

13. How much does ABO Exam Prep cost?


The program costs $349 per person. The learner will have access for one (1) year from the date of purchase.


14. How do I purchase ABO Exam Prep?


Please go to http://ecpu.com/abo-exam-prep/ At the bottom of the ABO Exam Prep home page you may choose either "New User" or "Existing User".

Click on either button and follow the prompts through the process.