Continuing Education

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19 Hours of Continuing Education Credits are available through ECP University!

Our team at ECP University understands how challenging it can be in our fast-paced world to find the time for the continuing education courses required to maintain your American Board of Opticianry (ABO) certification or your American Optometric Association Commission on Paraoptometric Certification (AOA).

ECP University is here to help.

We offer 18 hours of ABO or AOA CE credits and 1 hour of NCLE CE credit with zero out-of-office or travel time required. All are available online with 24/7 access at your convenience.

Whether you need one or all 19 CE’s, ECP University stands ready to offer you the convenience and affordability of online CE credits in order for you to maintain your certification.

You simply need to register with ECP University and identify yourself as either ABO Certified or AOA-CPC.

ABO Certified Learners:  When you take the CE and pass with a minimum score of 80 your information will be sent to ABO every month by ECP University.

AOA-CPC Learners:  When you take the CE and pass with a minimum score of 80, you will receive a certificate through email which you will send to AOA.

Choose any CE to the right to purchase a la carte for $18.50 each or save by purchasing all as a bundle for $285 ($15 each or a $66.50 savings)

$285.00 for all 19 CEs

CE Assessment 01 - Building Long Term Patient Relationships; Mentoring Employees; Team Environment

CE Assessment 02 - Communication Skills; Evaluating Current Eyewear Performance; Managed Healthcare

CE Assessment 03 - Conflict Resolution; Effective Time Management

CE Assessment 04 - S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, Dispensary Inventory Management Basics, Marketing Strategies

CE Assessment 05 - Diversity in the Workplace, Ethics and Employee Conduct, Tough Conversations

CE Assessment 06 - Balancing Prescribed Prism, Understanding Lens Power and Prismatic Effect, Understanding Prism in a Prescription

CE Assessment 07 - Magnification and Spectacle Lenses, Focal Length of a Spectacle Lens and Vertex Compensation

CE Assessment 08 - Ocular Anatomy, Advanced Ocular Anatomy

CE Assessment 09 - Saggital Formula, Toric Transpositions, ANSI Standards

CE Assessment 10 - Understanding Vertical Imbalance, Re-marking Progressive Lenses

CE Assessment 11 - Lens Materials, Anti-Reflective Treatments, Progressive Addition Lenses

CE Assessment 12 - Specialty Lenses - Computer Lenses, Specialty Lenses - Polarized Lenses, Specialty Lenses – Photochromic

CE Assessment 13 - Dispensing to Children, Needs Based Solutions, Advanced Needs Based Solutions

CE Assessment 14 - Frame Fitting Concepts, Frame Shapes, Rx and Lifestyle, Frame Styles and Materials

CE Assessment 15 - The Lab Process, The Ordering Process

CE Assessment 16 - Digital Surfacing, Lab Processing Time & Product Delivery

CE Assessment 17 - Tools & Adjustments, Tools and Adjustments Troubleshooting Tips, Visual Acuity

CE Assessment 18 - Lensometry, Using a Lensometer 2, Using a Lensometer 3

CE Assessment 19 - Optical Principles of Contact Lens, Ocular Disease Basics and Relationship to Anatomy